Valorem VRF 230 Carbon Fiber Frame

Regular price $23.99

Introducing the ReadyMadeRC Valorem VRF 230 frame! This frame changes the common notion that a cheap price means low quality. This frame has been optimized to cost us less to produce and we have turned that into an incredible price for you! 

Quality & Durability

The Valorem is produced with high quality carbon fiber without mixing G10 into the layers. This means you keep the strength benefit or carbon fiber while still maintaining its best property of lighter weight. It was also designed to take a beating and keep asking for more. We know you will love the strength of the Valorem. 

Easy Maintenance

We designed this frame for easy access to critical components. All 4 arms and standoffs are easy to change without the need to remove other plates or components. The flight controller has direct access to the middle plate and removes the need for nylon spacers thanks to the enlarged access holes on the bottom plate. 


  • True X design
  • Durable, 3mm arms and 2mm main body plates
  • Easy access to arm bolts and flight controller mount
  • Adapts to fit CNC accessories found on our other frames
  • Works perfectly with the cased version of RMRC Cricket


  • Assembled weight: 99.8g
  • Carbon Thickness
    • Center plates: 2.0mm
    • Arms: 3.0mm


  • Top, Middle, and Bottom Plates
  • 4x 5" arms
  • 8x M3x12mm Button head bolts
  • 8x M3x6mm Button head bolts
  • 8x M3 Nylock nuts
  • 4x M3x35mm Blue Standoffs
  • Does not include motor or FC mounting hardware