STRIX Power Stix 1s HV Charging Board - Up to 6 HV Packs at Once

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  • XT60 input power connector for field charging.
  • Allows for both Picoblade 1.25 (Traditional) and JST PH 2.0 (Larger) power plugs.
  • Charge up to 6 batteries at once.
  • Individual charging (Not parallel).
  • 3s or 4s input with voltage cutoff protection.
  • Charges at ~400 milliamps per port with a 4.35v cutoff.
  • LEDs indicate when charge is complete by changing color.


  • Weight: 36g
  • ​Dimensions: 83x43x17mm
  • ​Input: 3s - 4s Selectable
  • Cutoff Voltage: 11.1v (3s), 15.1v (4s) 
  • Output: Fixed at ~400 milliamps
  • 4.35v cell charging cutoff (+- 0.5% margin of error)

Note: Ports are numbered 1-6. Do not put more than one battery on a single port. For example: do not insert one battery on the Picoblade 1.25 plug and another on the same port with the PH 2.0 plug.