iFlight RACER iX3 140mm FPV Race Drone ARF

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This is the mini size of RACER iX5 FPV Quad,with the same body size but short frame arms 140mm long. iFlight iX3 140mm Super Light  Race Quadcopter Frame latest race quadcopter frame that iFlight has released. Different from previous frames,bottom carbon fiber plate and arms of iX3 are combined to one complete 2.5mm 100% pure carbon fiber and specially designed to be X shape ,which makes it strong and anti-shock.There's no need to do tedious assembling arms job any more.Besides, the X shape helps increasing the computational efficiency of the flight control and makes flighting more nimble. The super light weight design helps decreasing the weight while ensuring the iX3 is strong enough. What's more, the motor mount on the arm has been strengthen to protecting the motor from crashing.

Attention: The iX3 ARF is already assembled and tuned. If you need it to be BNF you can choose opitional receiver or radio controller, we'll install and also tuned for you.


*  MINI design,140mm wheelbase,smallest quadcopter on market so far,super light,only 38.5g.

* 3K High Strength Carbon Fiber Plate,Durable from Crashing

 * Dual purpose FPV and HD camera mounting solution.

* Support to carry HD camera at 35 degree angle(such as the GoPro 4, Xiaomi Yi, etc).(Optional)

* Super light weight design,decrease the weight but ensure the iX3 strong enough

* Motor mount strengthen to protecting motor from crashing.

* Camera mounting plate with fashion design to ensure that the fast forward when you can see the front.

*1.5mm Battery protector plate (Optional)

*5V Super Bright LED iX5 Racing Drone Tail Light 5mmx27mm (Optional)


  • Wheel Base: 140mm
  • Upper plate thickness: 1.5mm
  • Frame thickness: 2.5mm
  • Net weitht: about 38.5g

Package included:

  • 1x iX3 140mm FPV Racing Quadcopter Frame kit
    • 2.5mm carbon fiber unibody main plate
    • 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate
    • 1x 1.5mm FC mount plate
  • 1x Set of screws
  • 1x set 6mm black polyamide spacers / screws for flight controller
  • 1x iFlight lipo strap
  • 1 x F3 Flight Control
  • 4 x iPower Motor 1407 3500kv Motor 
  • 4 x iPeaka 30A D-SHOT 4 IN 1 ESC
  • 2 x 3inch 3-blade CW Propellers
  • 2 x 3inch 3-blade CCW Propellers
  • 1 x portable bag
  • 1 x Foxeer Arrow v3 HS1195 2.5mm Lens camera (PAL/NTSC)*1
  • 1 x 5.8G mushroon Antenna*1
  • 1 x Foxeer TM25 25/200/600MW Switchable FPV Transmitter *1