Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5 Combo 7 (Combo with MPA and FUIM3)

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Combo Contents: 1 Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5-equipped Battery Workstation, 1 MPA-XH (Multi-Port Safe Parallel Adapter for JST XH equipped battery packs), 1 MPA-to-PL interconnect cable, I FUIM3 PC USB Interface. This combo will allow safe parallel charging of up to six, 2s-6s, same-cell-count LiPo battery packs at one time. No other adapters or cables are required for operating the PL6 Battery Workstation. Please note, in order to use the MPA with the PowerLab series, you must set the PowerLab to XH WIRING MODE either at the PowerLab directly, or via the Charge Control Software. For more details, click here to download the product's user guide.

Weight: 2.61 kg