Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5 Combo 5 (Expansion Channel-Ready Combo)

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Combo Contents: 2 Cellpro PowerLab 6 EC5 Battery Workstation with required interconnect cables to run Expansion Channel Mode (combo does not include FUIM3 PC interface). Click here to view the new Expansion Channel Combo video! Click here to view product specifications. Not sure which adapter you need? Click here for adapter compatibility.

This combo designed to support Expansion Channel Mode, which turns two PowerLab 6 Battery Workstations into a very-high-power (2000W), dual, independent channel device. After setting one PL6 as, e.g., Expansion Channel #1, the Primary sends over current preset information to all Expansion Channel units connected to the "network". A total of 16 PowerLabs can actually be networked. In Expansion Channel Mode, you can connect a battery to each of the PowerLabs, but you only use the buttons on the Primary to start or stop operations, check data on all units. Expansion channel mode requires that all batteries connected to all units be the same chemistry. However, the batteries can have different cell counts, and, if the preset is set up for Auto charging, the batteries can have vastly different capacities.

*Note: For Expansion Channel to work, all units connected together must be the same type of PowerLab; e.g., PL6 to PL6, or PL8 to PL8. Don't mix and match.