Cellpro Multi4, 4A Multi-Chemistry Charger

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Built on the success of the original Cellpro 4s and Cellpro 10s chargers, the Cellpro Multi4 represents the next step forward in charging technology. So much more than just another charger, of course the Multi4 is based on FMA’s time-proven, reliable hardware designs and safety algorithms, but sports a new microcontroller that is 4 times as powerful as the one used in the original Cellpro 4s. But the true power of the charger stems from totally new firmware. We started with a clean sheet of paper and a lot of “thinking outside the box”. The extensive list of features and capabilities are rivaled only by the goal to provide the ultimate in flexibility and utility. Out of the box, the Multi4 will run circles around the competition in terms of simple, yet powerful set up and operation. But if you are the type of person who likes a more custom solution in a 50W class charger, look no further. The charger, in combination with the Charge Control Software will offer virtually unlimited access to charging parameters. With the Multi4, all charging occurs conveniently through the battery's balance connector (node only charging), so there is no need to connect up the two red/black discharge wires from your battery. Click here for adapter compatibility. Click here to view product specifications and download Charge Control Software to your PC.