Bump Controller Unit

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BUMP is an exclusive new Revolectrix concept for Battery Management. The BUMP Controller utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology to communicate with any battery equipped with a BUMP Compliant Tag, or “BumpTag” . The BumpTags will be pre-installed and pre-configured on most Revolectrix batteries in the near future. BumpTags will also be available for sale separately, so a customer can configure them for use with any battery of his choosing using the BUMP Controller. Once a tag is programmed for any given battery, a simple “BUMP” of the battery on the BUMP Controller configures any Revolectrix PowerLab Battery Workstation to the ideal settings for performing all battery management tasks. The BUMP Controller can independently address up to 4 PowerLab units (or channels of the Dual PowerLab 8) – each PowerLab connected is able to operate completely independent of the others. The Bump Controller requires a separate power source to operate.Click herefor a handy Y-harness for powering your PowerLab charger and the Bump Controller with one easy to use accessory.


Simple, intuitive color touchscreen user interface
Complete charger setup with a simple "bump" of the battery ... just bump, connect, and press Go
No need to configure or select presets although native PowerLab operation is still possible for non-BumpTag equipped batteries
Optimizes charger settings for each individual battery, speeds up the charging setup process
Reduces accidental mistakes that could lead to expensive (and potentially dangerous) battery damage
Automatic calculation for parallel charging, even for different battery capacities and C-ratings
Each BumpTag contains the full factory ratings of the battery (write-once), as well as user preferences and settings that can be changed at any time
Each BumpTag contains a unique ID which enables automatic battery history and performance tracking – battery cycle history is automatically cached and uploaded to the mobile app whenever it connects via Bluetooth
Works with all existing Revolectrix Cellpro PowerLab 6, PowerLab 8v2, and Dual PowerLab (8x2) Battery Workstations
Connect up to 4 PowerLab Workstations to a single BumpController (any combination of PL models)
Supported Chemistries: LiPo (including LiHV), LiFe, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, and Pb
Supported Operations: Accurate Charge, Normal Charge, Fastest Charge, Discharge, Storage Charge, Analyze Cycle
Analyze Cycle allows battery performance characteristics (Fuel Table, actual capacity, IR, etc.) to be stored back to the BumpTag for accurate fuel level and cycle time estimates
The Bump Controller can serve as a remotely-mounted user interface for the PowerLab Battery Workstations, allowing the chargers to be completely hidden inside a charging case or beneath charging tables/benches. This frees up valuable workspace for batteries, connectors, adapters, parallel adapters, etc.

DIMENSIONS: 5.3” L x 3.1” W x 1.2” H (including bezel above/around LCD)