Bluetooth upgrade kit for LapRF

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The LapRF used Bluetooth Link to communicate with Phones and Tablets. The LapRF Personal Timing System includes a bluetooth module which can quickly link an iOS or Android device to the gate.
Enter pilot names, start the race, and the lap times will be spoken along with the pilot’s name.
All lap times will be shown in a table, along with average, and best lap times.
Any loss of Bluetooth connection will not result in loss of lap times.
To avoid that, one can upgrade the Bluetooth antenna on the LapRF to provide range up to 30-40 meters from the device. This provides a safe buffer zone for the pilot and phone/tablet, as well as ensures in-interrupted communication between your phone and the LapRF puck.


1 x 150mm U.FL to SMA adapter cable
1 x 2.15dbi 2.4Ghz SMA antenna