Big Deal 3″ Spec Class Quad Kit

Regular price $225.00


The Big Deal 3″ Spec quad kit was designed to make it cheap and easy to get into drone racing.  We talked to many local clubs and they all wanted a high performance quad that was durable, fast, and affordable.  By packaging all the components together we were able to come up with a very low-price quad-copter, built with the highest quality components. This kit comes with almost all the parts ready to be built for 3″ spec races. After testing in our local Phoenix, Arizona markets, it’s clear that this quad-copter has been an overwhelming success.  Pilots love how durable the quad is, how cheap batteries and other components are for it, and the fact that this can easily beat some of the fastest 5″ quad-copters. Now we offer it to you!  The only thing not included is a battery and a receiver. 3″ is the way to go – it’s a Big Deal!

  • The Big Deal 3″ frame designed by Brian Morris aka Brain Drain
  • 4 x Warp 1 4200kv motors
  • TBS Race VTX
  • Runcam Micro Swift V2 2.1mm or Foxeer Micro 2.1mm
  • 1 x Millivolt Flight Controller
  • 1 x Spark 4n1 ESC
  • 1 set of 4 3x3x3 HQ propellers